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Do you know what type of renovation can devalue your home?

Who wouldn’t like to have their homes renovated? Everyone tries to do something different to increase the appealing factor of their premises. If you haven’t hired any professional for renovation, then your strategies might not work for you every time. You wouldn’t get desired outcomes from every restoration. If you are going to try interior strategies by yourself rather than hiring professional, then there would be rare chance to have comprehensive renovation. Do you know several restoration types can depreciate your home value? In this blog, I am going to let you know what those renovations are.

Removing Closets

Removing cabinets might be a minor thing for you, but it would depreciate your home value. You must be thinking how removing closets could lead us to depreciate factor?  Large wooden cabinets are perfect for storage and interior point of view. Latest trendy closets would increase the appearance of your room. So if you have decided to remove the cabinets, then it wouldn’t be a great decision from selling perspective because people prefer to have closets. So this one can be the reason of devaluing.

Excessive Wallpapers

Wallpapers are great for renovation. It will increase the appearance of your home. Mostly people use these wallpapers to hide dampness in the wall and for some other renovating aspects. Many people prefer wallpapers just to increase the wow factor of their home which is not a good thing. Do you know how much this would be costly to remove the massive amount of wallpapers? You have to spend enough to restore the original look of the home. People use to think these aspects as well. It might give them a clue that there are some issues with walls and owners have applied these wallpapers to hide those problems.

Converting garage into living space

This one is also being considered the main factor in depreciating your home value. People use garages for parking cars and to store unused stuff of their home, but if you have decided to convert the garage into living space, then you wouldn’t have space to park your vehicles. Buyers used to think about this aspect too because no one will want to put their expensive cars in trouble especially in raining season. If you are going to try this, then I would recommend, you don’t need to do anything with garage doors.

In future, it wouldn’t be much of a hassle if you change your mind and want to convert this into a garage again. I have seen several examples of such conversions of where people are using this approach just to save the time for future. Such type of your decisions would devalue your home. So avoid having this kind of renovation.

These are the main renovations that would depreciate the value of your home, so it is suggested that not to try these improvements. It might increase your home appearance for an instant, but you won’t be able to get the desired price of your home.


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