What do you need to consider before painting cabinets?

How many of you want to have a well-designed kitchen? You may have seen numerous people who go wild after seeing latest kitchen designs and antiques. They can’t control their passion for cooking and kitchen, and it only increases day by day. So the kitchen is a place where you cook scrumptious food for your loved ones, and you have to keep an eye on each old thing that might affect your kitchen appearance. Have you ever noticed your kitchen cabinets? Diminished paint might give your cabinets a dull look so what would you do? Replacing your cabinets with newer ones can put the burden on your pocket so why don’t you re-paint them? In this blog, I am going to let you know what you need to consider before painting your cabinets like a pro. Let’s have a look

Get Started with Planning First

Planning is essential for this purpose. It might contain your budget factors that you are supposed to spend for this project. What type of panels needs to paint first and how much time will be required for this? Cabinetry items couldn’t be kept on counters for a long time, so you have to wind up this task immediately. Make sure you have planned all the important aspects, in the beginning, to avoid any problem during the paint.

Choose the colour

Colour selection might be troublesome for several ones. So everyone needs time to select the perfect colour for cabinets that needs to fit well with the rest of the kitchen design. Make sure selected colour shouldn’t be eye-stinging. So you can check out the different samples to pick the right colour for your cabinet. You may choose vibrant colours according to your kitchen themes. Most of the people use same colour scheme which they are having in their kitchen.

Remove label and handles

Before getting started with paint don’t forget to remove labels and handles. If you are painting all the cabinets of the kitchen, then you need to mark all the cabinets to avoid confusion in differentiating which one was for middle and which one needs to place on the left side. Handles should be unassembled as well because paint stains are hard to remove so we need to look into this carefully.

Scrub Old Paint

It is essential to scrub the old paint before coating the new one. You won’t be able to get the proper result of colour without scrubbing old one. It doesn’t mean you have to scrub that by hand or through any scrapper, you just need to use one part of trisodium phosphate in a mixture of water and then apply. Make sure you are wearing gloves to protect your hands from the reaction of the chemical.

Paint like a Pro

Now, this is a time to paint your cabinets like real experts. Apply the first coat of paint and then leave it for dry and then do it again to remove the paint drippings and for excellent finishing. It will take one or two days to settle down properly. So don’t worry just follow the same professional method and you will see the best outcomes.  Various Northampton’s residents are using these professional techniques to renovate their kitchen, and if you are living in Northampton, then you can have a great chance to get the assistance of kitchen fitters in Northampton. Also, you will get several fitters assistance across the UK.

You don’t need to worry about kitchen fitters prices. Several fitting companies are offering a wide range of their services at affordable prices just to give you a chance to renovate your culinary area with the best colour scheme.

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