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Do you know what the Harmful Chemicals for your Septic tank are?

Septic tanks are kept out of sight, and most often homeowners didn’t find out when they had professionals for its inspection. We shouldn’t ignore this factor that septic systems are accumulating our house disposal and if there would be any unwanted item like toilet papers and sometimes you will see sludge layers which block the water passage. In the case of blockage, you may be seen spilling out water from tanks which will not be hygienic and it will ruin your driveway and garden beauty. Well, this is essential to take out some time for your septic system then you need to consider all do’s and don’ts. In this blog, I am going to share some informative knowledge about cleaning chemicals which should be avoided to use in the septic tank.

  • Bleaching Products

Well, bleaching chemicals might give you shining flooring tiles, or you may use such products in your washrooms as well. You might observe if you use little bit amount for clothes then it wouldn’t be harmful to that but if you drop the whole bottle then it would be severe for the bacteria in the tank, and such harsh chemicals can burst the drainage pipes too, so it is highly recommended not to use such products.

  • Cleaning detergents

We are still considering those misperceptions either to use which type of cleaning detergents should be utilized? Laundry detergents or dishwashing detergents would be suitable for septic tank cleaning or not? As per professionals cleaning detergents especially laundry cleaners should be avoided to use because different soaps are containing phosphates and surfactants which will soak into your drainage system and will harm your drinking water as well.

  • Special Drain Cleaners

Enormous brands are offering special drain cleaners which would be severe for wildlife in septic systems. It is not suggested to clean septic systems weekly or monthly. Harsh chemicals can be extremely dangerous, and it would drop bacteria level to dangerous levels.

  • Nonylphenol & phosphates Agents

Avoid to use such chemicals which are having Nonylphenol and phosphate agents because one main reason is if these hazardous chemicals wouldn’t kill bacteria then might be it will effect to surroundings. It can be risky for water creatures. Such type of chemicals is included in laundry detergents and dishwasher detergents.

These are the essential elements which would be hazardous for your septic system so it is highly recommended to use safe septic products because it has been discussed already harsh products can be risky for your drainage pipes, and it might be transferred into nearby water sources. So it is essential to avoid such chemicals that will affect your health and living water creatures. You can have the assistance of professional who would let you know which chemical is required for cleaning of your septic tank and what would be the right strategy for cleaning and many more questions which are demanding clarity. Make sure professional experts should be trained and highly experts.

All the information is shared by professional London commercial cleaners that is not based upon personal knowledge. Avoid to mention products its recommended.

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